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This page is where I share my thoughts on beer I've had the pleasure to consume, whether it be commercial, craft, home-brew or other. I can confidently say that examples of greatness and complete utter failures can be found in all beer categories. In the spirit of constructive criticism I will try to remove any bias that I might have.

In-Threes Ale (home-brew)

So it begins with the home-brew chosen to launch this page. Although it has only been about a month since brewing the In-Threes Ale, a tasting was in order. As I gave it a pour and taste, the unfortunate first thoughts that came to mind were "confused IPA". The Nugget hops come through as extremely bitter and the beer is rather one noted. Not an incredibly successful home-brew for the blog, but that goes to say that not everything you will brew in your life will be as great as the really good ones!

I get a malty dark toasty aroma on the nose which continues through the palate and finishes with strong lingering bitterness. The colour is dark brown with hints of red at approximately 13.5 SRM. The bitterness comes from 3 oz of Nugget at 30 minutes, giving the beer a mind blowing IBU rating of 104. This beer could have used an ABV of 8-9%, but at 4.5% the Imperial aspects throw this beer out of balanced. That said, it is still an enjoyable brew if used to add variety to a night. It isn't a sink pour but I don't think that I will reproduce this beer again, at least not this exact recipe.

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