About Me

My name is Kevin McDonald and I am chasing a hop-farming dream. I originally come from small town Ontario but I pretty much grew up in the Greater Toronto Area. When I was 29, my wife and I moved to England so that she could attend graduate school. After she finished, we contemplated staying in the UK but eventually rational thinking prevailed and we moved back home.

My travel experience brought me a great deal of respect for the different beers of the world (particularly English, German, and West Coast North American). My dad lives on a 28-acre farm near the "upper north shores" of Lake Erie and this is where I experiment with growing  two varieties of hops. My project started out with 54 plants but I intend to expand the yard this upcoming growing season to 300+. Expanding the project is important to me because the use of imported ingredients (mainly hops and grain) undermine and conflict with my idea of what craft beer should represent.

I consider myself an amateur chef and enjoy beer with taste, adventures in the "outdoors" and travelling. The other specifics of who I am will become clearer as time passes and the blog begins to take shape.

Simply put, the main reason I started this blog is because beer inspires me and I want to talk about it. Proper beer has amazing flavour, complexity and can stimulate conversation with its rich history. The diverse and unusual styles of beer can be very interesting and I believe that there is a real opportunity for local beer to support local farming. Beer should not be commercialized as it has been since prohibition, beer is a craft that should be created and experienced locally. A good craft-beer should represent the best of what a Region can offer! I am on a quest to assist in bringing great craft beer to Ontario.