September 06, 2014

A year of neglect

Well, the 2014 season has already come to an end without much input from me or my small enthusiastic hop team. It has been a very busy year with the birth of my first child, Adelyn. Again, I apologize for the lack of activity but in my defence I did struggle to find a single moment of time this year. The season began with the delivery of 48 new plants (6 nuggets and 42 cascade) while I was still in the hospital with my newborn baby girl. As I travelled between hospital and house to keep the plants alive and enjoy my new family, I realized that this year would be a challenging one to say the least.

A couple of days later would be my first visit to the hop yard, a visit that would reveal the hardship that the winter had brought on. In surveying last year's plants, about half were missing and didn't come out of the soil. I have to believe that the winter cold had destroyed some of the weaker hibernating rhizomes. We did manage to string whatever was left over from 2013 and temporarily plant the new 2014 plants with tomato sticks.

The next visit to the the yard was 2 weeks ago, hence the title of this post... There was no training, no watering, no pest control, no pruning, etc. this year so I'm not sure what to expect for the harvest which is happening this weekend. I do know that the new plants did not produce cones because the height limits imposed by the 3' tomato sticks but we will soon find out what the yield will be for the 2013 plants.

Stay tuned to the thrilling conclusion of the 2014 season!

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