August 25, 2013

Food, Drink and Hops

So even though the weekend is over and I didn't do what I wanted to, there were little moments resembling productivity. The intention for Friday night was to brew some beer as my home brew stock has now completely dried up. As it turns out, I was short a few key ingredients so instead of brewing I had some friends over for a BBQ and a couple of Mad Tom IPAs (which I think are brilliant). Saturday morning began with a trip out to the hop yard which is always exciting for me. I have never been good at the "jellybean in the jar" counting game but I can only assume that there are over 10 thousand cones to pick when they are ready for harvest in a couple of weeks.

Some of the plants are showing possible nitrogen deficiencies but for the most part they are all in good shape. There were many scares with the hops this year but the most recent was when I found little black caterpillars eating away at the leaves a few weeks back. I'm happy to report that they are now butterflies and there wasn't any significant damage.

This coming weekend happens to be a long weekend so I'm definitely planning multiple brews. I was caught off guard last year with how quickly Christmas came, so the first brew will be a Christmas beer that I can properly age (I'm thinking vanilla bean, honey, orange peel bitter, and various malts). The second brew will likely be something simple and easy to drink like a single malt cascade IPA. I might decide not to brew the second beer because I'm really looking forward to brewing with fresh hops and I'm not sure if I have enough capacity for a third batch. I guess I have some shopping and math to work out before next weekend!

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